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Questions You Should Be Asking

If you are shopping around for a dive course it may be worth asking a few questions before enrolling in a course. It's worth remembering that if something smells fishy it's not always your wetsuit!

Do the course fees cover all equipment?

Some companies in Hong Kong insist that you buy equipment before you've even got in the water!

With SPLASH everything you'll need is provided and inclusive of the cost.

What about course materials?

Again on enrollment with some outfits you'll be asked to pay for the manuals at an additional cost!

From The PADI Open Water Diver course through to Rescue Diver you will be provided with all the manuals, tables etc that you need when training with SPLASH.

Divemaster and above are priced slightly differently as this is professional level training but as always everything is up-front with no hidden extras (details on request).

And Certification?

Hey imagine this, you've just completed you're course and your Instructor asks for HK$300 for PADI processing!

As always, processing is included in the cost of the course with SPLASH.

How many divers per class?

I've seen ten or more people in a group out diving in Sai Kung and whilst this may not be violating any standards, as a novice diver I'd rather be in a smaller group of say no more than five like the limit set by SPLASH.

I feel I offer more personalised training. I understand people have busy schedules in Hong Kong so I tailor courses to your needs-I'll even come to your home to do the academic parts at no extra cost.




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