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No Time? No Problem! PADI's Scuba Diver or referral programs give you more options than ever before.


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The PADI Scuba diver course can be completed in as little as one weekend. Basically you complete around half the PADI Open Water Diver course e.g. 3 academic sessions 2 pool sessions and two Open Water dives. Having completed this you would then gain a restricted licence, so the next time you go on holiday you can dive as long as you don't exceed 12 metres and were accompanied by a PADI professional. The great thing is that you can upgrade your certification to become an Open Water Diver in as little time as two days.

The course fee of HK$2,800 includes manuals, log books, all equipment rental and processing of your PADI certification card (no hidden extras!) Diving groups would be small (maximum 6 people) and the tuition will be with an experienced Instructor.



Most people don't want to spend their holiday with their head in a study guide! The PADI referral program allows you to do part of the course here in Hong Kong and simply complete the diving segment of the Open Water Diver course not in a classroom but underwater!

The first option would be to complete the academic's and the pool training in Hong Kong leaving you with just four dives to complete on your holiday. We may even be able to recommend a reputable dive centre at your destination. This is roughly two thirds of the course and can be tailored to your needs whether it is on the weekends or mid-week evenings. The course fee is $2,800 and includes manuals, log books and all equipment rental.



Pool Training at South Island School.
Pool Training at South Island School.



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