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Terms and Conditions

Splash Diving (HK) Ltd, (SPLASH) requires all Fun Divers (Divers) & Students to read and understand this document. Please note that by paying a course deposit or for ‘fun dives’ you are agreeing to the below as appropriate to your activity.

Payments & Fees
1.    Divers: For a booking to be considered confirmed, full payment must be made with confirmation of payment received by SPLASH.
2.    Students: SPLASH requires all course fees are paid by the start of the course. Students will not be permitted to start their course and all deposits will be forfeit if fees remain unpaid. 

Cancellations & Re-booking
3.    Adverse Weather: Should a Typhoon Signal 3, Red or Black Rainstorm Warning be in place ONE hour prior to scheduled course start time or boat departure, the course/trip may be cancelled/rescheduled, please contact us before departure to check the current status.
4.    Divers: Refunds will not be made if your trip is cancelled by you with less than three working days’ notice.
5.    Students: Deposits are non-refundable. Re-booking fees apply if you need to change the dates of your course within 1 week of the agreed start date or any training session therein. The fee to rebook is $800 per person per session.

Other – General
6.    All students/divers of SPLASH are required to sign the applicable liability releases and forms prior to their course/trip.
7.    Students/Divers should be in good physical health. Applicants who attempt to conceal any medical conditions are at their own risk. SPLASH will not take responsibility for any resulting personal injuries resulting from pre-existing medical conditions.
8.    SPLASH will not take responsibility for any loss or damage to any personal belongings.
9.    Students/Divers will be liable for any loss or damage to SPLASH equipment during courses/trips.
10.    SPLASH will only provide standard sized equipment (Junior/XXS - XXL) to students/divers.
11.    SPLASH will not provide any corrective lenses to students/divers (prescription lenses/masks are available for purchase at discounted prices for our students in training).
12.    SPLASH reserves the right to change instructors, course timetable and dive locations due to situations beyond our control (weather, sickness etc.).
13.    Flying After Diving: A minimum of 12 Hours before flying after a single dive, 18 hours after multiple dives, or as recommended by your dive computer.
14.    Personal accident/medical insurance is not included.
15.    Animals are not allowed onsite/onboard.
16.    Applicants must follow the rules and regulations and follow the instructor’s/dive guide’s directions. Entering the water without permission is not allowed. 

Other – Students
17.    All diving courses conducted by SPLASH follow international standards and regulations. Courses have varying requirements and evaluation standards; if the applicant cannot complete their course requirements, in-water skills or dive theory in the provided time, (or within 3 months of the start date where rescheduling is necessary), SPLASH reserves the right to withhold issuing certification and no refund will be issued.
Applicants have the option to take additional lessons. Certifications will only be issued to participants who fulfill all requirements.
18.    SPLASH reserves the right to withdraw a student from the course without refunding the course fees if there are any violations of our standards & regulations, if the student has a medical condition they do not disclose or if the student behaves irresponsibly or dangerously.

Any dispute or difference arising out of or in connection with this contract shall first be referred to mediation at Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) and in accordance with its then current mediation rules. If the mediation is abandoned by the mediator or is otherwise concluded without the dispute or difference being resolved, then such dispute or difference shall be referred to and determined by binding arbitration at HKIAC and in accordance with its Domestic Arbitration Rules.

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