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PADI, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, is the world's largest scuba diver certification agency. PADI courses are well known for their excellent support materials. All PADI courses are supported with high quality, easy to comprehend textbooks, videos and graphics, tablet or online courses.


PADI provides standardised outlines to their affiliated instructors, which should mean that students are exposed to the same material regardless of where the course is taken. PADI is the world's largest Professional Diving Association. Its member Instructors, Assistant Instructors, Divemasters and Dive Stores maintain the highest Industry Standards of safety and professionalism. PADI members are dedicated to making Recreational Diving a fun, safe sport available to people from many different backgrounds.


PADI's goal is to promote the training and education of the general public in the techniques of safely participating in underwater activities and the advancement of those activities.


The PADI method of instruction is based on progressive training in the classroom, pool and open water. PADI's entry-level is the Scuba Diver certification or, more commonly, the Open Water Diver certification. Increasingly more advanced certifications, including Advanced Open Water Diver and Rescue Diver are offered to those who wish to enhance their diving skills. Further certifications such as Dive Master and Assistant Instructor are offered for those who wish to be involved in leadership training.


Specialised training in Underwater Photography, Dry Suit, Search and Recovery, Wreck Diving, Deep Diving, Equipment Specialist, Night Diving, Underwater Navigation and many other distinctive specialities are provided by PADI Instructors sanctioned to teach speciality courses.


PADI members have great commitment to excellence. They realise that Scuba diving requires special training to develop natural reflexes underwater so that divers gain the ability to use equipment properly, and acquire the necessary knowledge to prevent incorrect reactions under adverse conditions. They know that competent professional instructors can train people to enjoy the sport safely within each student's limitations, without being overbearing. They teach their students to develop and achieve confidence in their own ability. This is the hallmark of the profession and it is reflected in the excellent safety record established by PADI members.


PADI arguably has the premier teaching aids, from online training courses to videos, manuals etc., which aid the learning process making it possible for both the student and also the instructor to develop their diving skills. As a professional organisation PADI has pioneered many concepts in diver education. With the help of its membership PADI will continue to upgrade standards and safety in the field of recreational diving.


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