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Scuba Gear - What should you buy first?

Learning how to dive is literally entering a new world for many.

The sensation of weightlessness, being able to breathe underwater and don’t forget close encounters with sea life (YES even in Hong Kong!). Definitely new, is equipment you will be introduced to. Things like, BCD’s, mask, regulator wetsuits the instructor pulled out during your first session. Do you remember your thoughts the first time you saw it?

An inevitable question that pops up rather sooner than later:

“What should I buy first for myself?”

The answer depends a little on your diving plans. Though, a few things are always handy to start with.


Owning your own well fitting mask is nearly a no brainer. When on holidays many centers will have rental masks available. Though are they as nice and clean as you keep your own? Do they fit as well? And if you just want to pop out of your beach hut for a bit of snorkeling….

That’s why having your own pair of fins does help as well.


When doing multiple days of diving, having your own computer is handy, beneficial and safe. As your computer follows you, it keeps track of all your dives (logbook!). Safety comes from the fact that you know how to operate it and it tracks your personal dives. Meaning always up to date on your limits!


Reasons are similar to buying a mask. When you have your own suit, it should fit well and can be more hygienic as well.

If you start doing some more diving I would be looking into buying my own regulator set, BCD and other things you will use. Nothing beats diving with your own gear!

When you join us for a dive, for example the next Splash Day, you can always pop into the shop before getting on the boat to take a look at the full range of masks, fins, computers and the rest!

Marcel Ekkel

MSDT 919179

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